236: Strong Legs

I’ve always enjoyed bodybuilding. Let me rephrase that. I’ve always enjoyed WATCHING bodybuilding workouts and competitions. Ever since I was young, I’ve had an interest in anatomy and muscles. There is absolutely no question that I have all the same muscles as the bodybuilders, but I’ve worked hard to keep them from dazzling anyone. I don’t want people to stare. And they don’t! The bodybuilders that win competitions are well-rounded. They don’t concentrate only on their torso and arms, but they work on their legs as well. They get their legs so well-defined that they look like the drawings in anatomy books.

As men and women also prepare for the Olympics, they engage in grueling workouts to better their speed or jumping. It’s amazing how fast some of them run and the distance or height they jump. On the far other extreme, I can no longer even walk fast. And it’s a chore for me to stand up from a chair, let alone jump off the ground.

I take encouragement from Psalm 147:10 – “God’s pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor his delight in the legs of a man.” It’s not that working out one’s legs is bad, but the strength of a man’s legs, or those of a horse do not impress God. The thing that grabs God’s attention is not our strength or speed. He takes note of our FAITH.

Faith is something every person possesses. It doesn’t matter our age, gender, color, or socioeconomic level, we all have faith. Every time we sit in a chair, we exhibit faith, because we are demonstrating our trust (faith) that the chair will hold our weight and not break. Faith in God is trusting Him to keep His promises regarding salvation, and trusting Him in the midst of whatever situation you are facing.

Faith is important. But the OBJECT of our faith is what is critical. If our faith is in the Creator God of the Bible, we do well. But if we put our faith in a god of our own making, or in the many gods of other religions, or in no god at all, it doesn’t matter how sincerely we believe what we do.

Strong faith says, “God, I don’t know what to do in these circumstances, but I am confident that You are at work and that You have a good plan for my life. I trust You.” Weak faith says, “I don’t know what to do in these circumstances, and I’m not sure You can do anything, but I hope so.”

Faith that secures salvation says, “God, I trust that Jesus died to pay the debt my sins deserved, and that He came back to life three days later.” Faith that gives no assurance of salvation sounds more like, “God, I’m a good person and I hope that’s good enough to go to Heaven.”

Bodybuilders get bigger and better-defined through regular workouts. Christ-followers grow stronger in their faith over time as they regularly read the Bible and trust God each day.

Marlon Furtado

I regularly went to church as a boy, but I was not exposed to the Gospel until I was nearly twenty years old. Hearing that God loved me in spite of my behavior was new to me. In response, I received Jesus Christ and became one of His followers on September 12, 1971. I practiced chiropractic for eight years before becoming a pastor from 1986 to 2018.

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  1. Kenton Johnson

    Thanks again Marlon, so we’ll said. I am looking forward to running with you some day when we are at home in Heaven. Praying for your strength in this earthly body till then brother.

    1. Marlon Furtado

      Yes, running in Heaven will be fun. Thanks, Kenton.

  2. Sarah Scott

    I love this one Marlon! I’m so glad I’ve kept up my faith muscles daily even though my physical muscle workouts are less consistent. I actually needed this word today to confirm that my priorities are on track. I have been feeling like I’ve been slacking with my physical workouts but I still have energy and I’m active and headed in the right direction! God bless you my friend!

    1. Marlon Furtado

      Miss you and Dan. Are you still running? I’m looking forward to running in Heaven. Maybe we’ll get to run together through the beautiful countryside.

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