285: Agents of Peace

When the votes are all tallied, someone will have won our Presidential election. If the party you supported wins, it’s not a time to puff out your chest and proudly…

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284: Why I Believe the Bible

Here are three reasons I believe the Bible is accurate and trustworthy: ONE - Jesus believed the Old Testament. Jesus often said, “To fulfill the Scriptures…” as an indication that…

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283: Changing Our Want-To

“Get ready for bed.” “I don’t want to.”“Eat your vegetables.” “I don’t want to.”“Brush your teeth.” “I don’t want to.”“Come in from play and wash your hands.” “I don’t want…

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282: Who Sits on the Throne?

In one of the Apostle John’s short letters near the end of our New Testament, he implores Christ-followers to walk in purity and to love those around them. In what…

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281: A Book of Wisdom

Sometimes our definition of success varies widely from God’s definition. To make His perspective clear, He has provided us with the very practical book of Proverbs in our Bibles. Following…

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279: Treasures
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Kevin Kinard had been making his annual visit to Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park for over twenty years, when he discovered a 9.07 carat diamond. This past Labor Day,…

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278: Conduits of Grace
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When you were a little tyke, did your mom ever buy your dad a gift for his birthday, but she had you put your name on the card as though…

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277: Short-Term Memory
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“Have you seen my sunglasses? I can’t find them anywhere.”“Dad, they’re on the top of your head.”“Oh, yeah, (chuckle) I forgot I put them up there.” How often have you…

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276: God Is Beyond Compare
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One of my favorite passages is Isaiah 40:12-18, which describes some of the features of our marvelous God. “Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, measured…

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What’s Your Score?
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In most athletic events, the person or team with the higher score wins. But if you teed off in golf expecting to play by those same rules, you’d be sadly…

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274: Ensnared
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It’s not uncommon for the news to carry a story of an elderly individual who has wandered away from home and isn’t able to find their way back. Similarly, Christians…

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273: The Difference Between Night and Day
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Throughout the Old Testament there are allusions, or hints, of our salvation. It becomes crystal clear once Jesus arrives on the scene. One such passage describes it this way, “Others…

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271: Hot Potato
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Maybe there’s a reason we are told not to talk about politics or religion. It seems that those two topics can result in more heat than light. The church is…

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